Chief Executive Officer

Thomas J. Cooksey is a Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. He was born and raised in New York City and earned a B.A. in Media Production from The State University at Buffalo. He later learned how to produce Film from watching Youtube videos.


Since then, he has worked on numerous large budget as well as low budget video productions and has honed his skills as a director, cinematographer, and editor. He does act in some of his productions but does not consider himself an actor. Whether it be a 30-second spot for social media, a 30-minute spot for television or a 1-hour long feature for the theater, a love for storytelling is always at the core of his work.


He currently teaches film, editing, and audio/music production to teens and young adults for The City of New York.


This talented Writer and Actor aims to entertain and inform through all facets of media. He hails from Rockland County but currently resides in Brooklyn. He obtained a B.A. in Film and Media Production from Buffalo State University.


He has created an online presence for himself as a YouTube personality but has pivoted to a career in film & television as a writer, actor, and content creator. Tajh has worked as a freelance video editor for Spectrum News NY1, worked on multiple television & film scripts, and taught film to the youth in his community.


Now he aims to create captivating stories that portray 3-dimensional characters of color both online and on the big screen. ​

General Manager
Sound Mixer & Boom Operator

Kerry J. Jones is somewhat a jack of all trades for entertainment. He started out doing behind the scenes work for comedy sketches, music videos and documentaries as the second camera man, sound tech and lighting assistant. He now shoots and edits his own comedy sketches and movie scene remakes for social media.  


He has dabbled in rap music for a while, still holding very close ties with artists and producers in the music industry. He is now pursuing a career in the acting industry. He has been featured in a few independent films as the supporting as well as the lead actor. He hopes to build his film reel up to eventually land bigger and better roles.  

Chief Graphic Designer

Simon Taveras Jr. is a designer with 5+ years of professional architecture experience and 3+ years of corporate retail experience. He currently lives in New York City and earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University's School of Architecture. He has worked at M Moser and G3, both of which specialize in interior architecture/corporate interiors. Simon specializes in branding as well as architectural, interior, and graphic design. He recently worked on designing the corporate office for Bleacher Report, as well as multiple NBC projects. 


Simon is also the owner and lead designer of a NYC lifestyle brand, Higher Limits, LLC, which has been recognized by "The West Side Rag", an Upper West Side online newspaper. Founded in 2009, Higher Limits™ is more than just a lifestyle brand and aims to influence others through services, design aesthetic, branding, limited edition apparel and goods to always strive for a better life: that enough is never enough. The brand draws its influences and ideas from all walks of New York City life. 

Brand Website: www.higher-limits.com

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